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I highly recommend Shannon Fenton as a real estate agent. Not only does she have the patience and availability to accompany you to almost every open house you want to go to but she also has a great real estate insight and she really listens to you and understands what you are looking for. We knew we wanted to live in the area but didn’t know much about the neighbourhoods nor the market… So Shannon drove us around Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Atwater and explained to us the pros and cons of each neighbourhood…
Also, she leaves in the area, so she gave us plenty of good contacts and tips, such as the best schools, restaurants, daycares, fitness and even plumbers and electricians. We are still using her cleaning crew today ! Plus, her husband, Joey, is a great contractor… So if you are interested in a house, he can come and give you renovation estimates which is really helpful and made us win a lot of time. Joey works with a great crew, they did our whole house renovation.
We had such a good contact that Shannon and Joey became our friends…
Valérie DEFERT, Journalist at FRANCE 24
FentonLA is an exceptional real estate resource, a true gem in a crowded marketplace. Shannon and Joey did a phenomenal job in helping me and my missus acquire a new home in Los Angeles. They simplified the process and made every effort to accommodate our specific needs and hectic schedules. Shannon is quite the curator of properties.
Christian Lau r
Shannon and Joey are straightforward, honest and unbelievably hardworking. They answered all my silly questions and always made us feel like a priority.They make a great team and worked so hard to make sure that we found the perfect place. Their knowledge of the business, the market, and the area was invaluable! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a house on the eastside!
Lauren Hunziker
Shannon is very honest agent who will work with you and help you find the house that meets your criteria. She is friendly, patient, professionsal and very thorough in the entire process which makes it very easy to work with her. It has been a pleasure to buy our first home with her and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.
Maithilee Juvekar Khatkhate

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