One of the greatest things about the homes here in LA is their charm. Each one has something special whether it’s the architectural style or the layout. Still, each house is so different from the next. So naturally it can be difficult when it comes to choosing a paint color that suits your own style and still works with the house. That color is white.
Now I know that you’re thinking, it sounds dull or too obvious. It’s really not. White is the best for many reasons.

Easy to Change

One of the reasons white is so great is because it’s easy to change things up. You can switch out your furnishings without any trouble. In fact if you want to change up your color scheme you can do it with an area rug, pillows, and art. You won’t have to paint again unless for touchups.

Easy to Change interior paint

Suits Any Style

As you know many homes in LA were built with varying styles. In the area I am in it’s mostly Spanish, craftsmen, or mid century modern homes. A nice clean white paint looks beautiful in any setting. In a Spanish home a nice white accentuates the curves and angles. In a craftsman it compliments the wood trim and wainscoting in a classic way. In a Mid Century Modern, it gives a clean streamline look that blends nicely with the style.

Interior Suits Any Style

Makes the Space Feel Bigger

Let’s be honest, many of these homes have rooms that we wish were bigger. Painting the walls white certainly gives the illusion of more space. It’s the first thing you can do to work with a small space instead of fighting it.

Home Interior Makes the Space Feel Bigger

It’s Trendy

Sure it sounds crazy but white paint has been a popular trend for quite some time. Mostly it gives you a bright open beautiful canvas to work with and allows you to go bold with your furniture and décor. I mean you can really have fun with it.

Trendy Home Interior

Many Whites to Choose From

Not all white paint looks alike. You can go with something bright, creamy, cool, or warm. So think about the other colors you will have in the space and choose accordingly.

My favorite White Paints
Clean White: Benjamin Moore – Decorator White
Warm White: Benjamin Moore – Lily of the Valley
Cool White: Benjamin Moore – White Wisp
Creamy: Farrow and Ball – Pointing
Grey White: Benjamin Moore Orchard

Written by Rhiannon Gillis